In His Words: Meet Nick

In His Words: Meet Nick

The picture from 2018 popped up as a memory today. Whoa. For years I made excuses on why I couldn’t work out.
-I don’t have time.
-Gym membership’s are too expensive.
-I’ll work out sometime in the future.
Anyone that knew me in my teens and early 20’s knows I was physically fit, but as life went on I gradually stopped paying attention to my physical health. I stopped working out, stopped playing basketball, stopped doing the self care that brought me joy. I was blinded by busyness. As I reflect, that was from about 27-39 yrs old. 12 years! At my heaviest I was 220 (2018).
Only you can make time for your health. Start today. Don’t make excuses. Don’t say “I’ll start tomorrow.” Find one thing you can do today that would benefit your health.
Maybe plan a better diet; research a workout program; plan what days/time you can exercise; you can reach out to someone who can help in this area.
It will take work. But don’t let that scare you. @louthetrainer from @fit_results_chicago says “Hard work always pays off.” So start investing in yourself today and watch the payoff.
Nick is a Husband, Father, Pastor and resides in Chicago. To connect with Nick on social follow on IG @nicholasrivera__
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