No Excuse Today Workshop


Learn the mindset, psychology, and tactical skills to build a brand.


In business, there are various factors that can determine how much you get paid, but here are three common ones:


Skills and Expertise: Your skill set and level of expertise in a particular field can greatly influence your earning potential. If you have specialized knowledge or experience in a particular area that is in high demand, you may be able to command a higher salary.


Market Demand: The demand for your product or service can also affect your earning potential. If you are in a high-growth industry or your product/service is in high demand, you may be able to charge higher prices and earn more money.


Value Proposition: Your value proposition refers to the unique benefit or advantage that your product or service offers to customers. If your value proposition is strong and you are able to effectively communicate the value that you bring to the table, you may be able to charge higher prices and earn more money.


The Purpose...


The No Excuse Today Workshop is a 3-hour masterclass experience for small biz owners, coaches, consultants, and online service providers who are ready to learn and implement the mindset, psychologies, and tactical skills to build a brand.


During the workshop, we'll cover everything you need to know about building a brand--from an energetic, belief, and identity level to the actual business skills and tools required to reach your next level of success.


Why This Is Important To You...


You want to create stability and consistency and feel confident in your ability to build a solid brand. You want to feel fulfilled doing the work you love. You want to turn your strengths into an offer that people want to buy and most importantly you want to feel seen, respected and recognized for your life experience, skills and expertise. For everything you know and have been through, for your story, your talents and your grit.


What To Expect...


We'll be working through how to create alignment between the skills sets you have, the demand that exists within the market you currently have access to and the problem those people are willing to pay to access a solution you can provide.


How To Prepare...


#1- Block off your calendar to attend this LIVE workshop

#2-Come with an open mind and be ready to dive in on the energetics, strategies and skills needed to build your brand.

#3-Set an intention-it can be something as simple as " I will show up and implement the information I learn in this workshop"


This event is not intended for lead-generation or sales purposes. It is a paid training session aimed at presenting you with all the necessary information to enable you to communicate your skills, expertise and value proposition effectively.


This training is RECOMMENDED for you if:


  • You are confident that your product or service has a value and strongly believe in the benefits that you are delivering to your customers. However, you recognize the need to improve your ability to effectively communicate this value proposition in a way that resonates with your potential customers and prospects.


  • You possess the confidence to speak in front of different audiences, whether it's during meetings at work, on stages, or through live videos. You understand that in order to drive change, it's essential to use your voice and communicate your ideas effectively. Furthermore, you are not hesitant to be visible and express your perspectives publicly.


  • You have identified a valuable skill set that can be leveraged to create a high-ticket, high-value offering and you have 5+ years of experience in your field of expertise.


This training is NOT RECOMMENDED for you if:


  • You prefer not to express your opinions or viewpoints publicly.


  • You want to remain inconsistent, hidden and private on social media.


  • You intend to market an offer that is not aligned with your existing area of expertise or your brand.


If you are already aware of the value this training can bring to your brand and consider the investment of $97 for a half-day of training to be an exceptional opportunity, simply click on the available date and enter your information to enroll in the training.