Javonne Steward

One day a pregnant woman went into labor on the west side of Chicago. Unable to make it to a hospital, she sought out a nearby fire station. She delivered the baby in that fire station.

I was that baby.

I entered the world under unusual circumstances and challenges, but I believe beating the odds of being born in that fire station resulted in the fire and passion that burn within me. It gave me early practice for the many challenges to come.

Because of my genesis story, I don’t use growing up in the projects on the south side of Chicago as an excuse not to pursue my dreams.

I don’t use having a mother addicted to drugs as an excuse to use them myself.

I don’t use growing up in poverty as an excuse to be lazy and stay in a poor mind state.

I don’t use having to move from foster home to foster home as an excuse to be unstable as an adult and not provide a place of stability for my own children.

I don’t use having seven different mothers as an excuse to not be a present, loving mother.

I don’t use not completing my college education as an excuse not to start a business.

No matter how afraid I am of the challenge I give myself reasons to believe I can overcome it. Why? I’ve already overcome so much to be here. One more challenge is just an opportunity to get another win.

Proverbs 28:1 says, “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.

How will you use your challenges or fears to fuel your fire instead of using them as an excuse not to start it? Because there is No Excuse Today!

— Javonne Steward

(I told you my story was dope)

Since I began my journey in entrepreneurship I've lived by three core values: Faith, Family & Focus. I'm dedicated to creating brands that promote family and positive impacts on the community.
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