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DISC Assessment (Discover Your Communication Style)

DISC Assessment (Discover Your Communication Style)

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Discovering your communication style is essential to uncovering your brand identity, personality & voice.

No Excuse Today values clear and effective communication. It’s important to get everyone on the same page and working together—and DISC helps us do that! DISC is a simple and powerful tool that will help you understand more about yourself and the people around you, whether that’s your family, friends or coworkers.

Now it’s your turn to learn more about how you communicate and respond to others! Your personalized DISC profile will show you where you fall on the following four behaviors:

  • Decisive: focused, task-oriented, hard-charging drivers
  • Interactive: people-oriented, persuasive and super relational
  • Stabilizing: loyal, protective and trusting of others
  • Cautious: analytical, factual, process-oriented and detailed

You may be wondering which is the best type. The answer is . . . all of them! All personality styles have strengths and blind spots, and one is not better than another. They’re just different.

If you’re tired of bumping heads or not being on the same page with a coworker, leader or family member, DISC will give you the tools you need to effectively communicate with other personality types. So, once you have your personalized DISC profile, be sure to share it with those around you.

What’s Included?

  • An online code so you can take your DISC assessment at your own pace
  • An in-depth, quick DISC assessment that asks questions about your preferences and priorities
  • Natural and Adaptive Styles
  • A 22-page personalized DISC report that breaks down your communication style
  • Ideas for Being More Effective
  • Ways to stay Motivated
  • Ideal Job/Climate
  • Helpful insights to help you grow and connect with different DISC personality types

IMPORTANT: This is a digital product. Please check your email folder to access the link. Please check your email and/or junk mail.

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