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No Excuse Today

NXT Pillow Thingy

NXT Pillow Thingy

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Note: Each Pillow Thingy Is Made To Order

What are Pillow Thingy's?:

Therapeutic dolls for people who are dealing with emotional problems and these pillows are meant to be part of the therapeutic process.

We stand behind our handcrafted Pillow Thingys 100%.

50% of the proceeds from each Pillow Thingy® Purchase will be donated to an organization that teaches students life skills such as sewing.

This Pillow Thingy® Details:

Hand Made

Exterior: 100% Cotton

Interior: 100% New PolyFil Premium Polyester 

Machine washable

Little (approx 14”)

Safe for 3+

Made for Adults

Acceptable to create art or doodle on with the use of Fabric Markers (not included)

Made in a smoke free environment 

Made in the USA

You’ll want one for yourself and Pillow Thingys make perfect gifts.


Art Therapy

Desk Art

Comfort Accessories

Trauma Victims and more

There’s always a story behind a brand. And to be completely honest … if it weren’t for Pillow Thingy®…. there would be no No Excuse Today. 

 Note: This No Excuse Today Pillow Thingy is sold exclusively on this site.

Each Pillow Thingy Is Made To Order


No Excuse Today is the #1 brand helping others overcome adversity without making excuses. This small business flourishes through word of mouth. Every time you share this brand you become a dynamic contributor to the company's growth.





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